About Us

The glyph of “sit” we use for our company name symbolizes that we research and integrate the design of human and land. Our team are sensitive to architecture and aesthetics.So far, ZUO studio has entered ten years. We are good at exploring and researching several possibilities of architecture and space, we hope we can break through the limitation of architecture through the creative attitude of design. At present, our cases are almost integrated design of architecture and interior, there are mainly residential design, and moreover, we design factory, commercial space, public area, exhibition or furniture as well. For promoting the international perspective, we will invite different countries of interns, such as Spain, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan, to come to our studio for conducting design exchange and workshop. Besides, we will periodically invite professionals and hold speeches and sharing sessions, also participating international design competitions, to increase and broaden the acuity of design and aesthetics.At present, there are many cases are still on-going in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Cambodia and Mexico, we hope we can catch up with the world in the future. ZUO studio positively finds partner has great enthusiasm for design, we can learn from each other and collectively grow, as well as explore, enjoy and implement design in life.

Our Team

Rex Chen, the lead designer of Taiwan-Hong Kong, constantly accepts multiple challenges of architecture and interior works across Asia region, such as Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Cambodia. These challenges enriches his creativity and make him to be perspective and global-thinking person.
Less is more
From architecture to interior design, it is covered with line and surface, when reconstructing all elements of the scene, we can discover more delicate details to be integrated. Using different techniques and tools to create diversified possibilities of design. Our group include designers from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Spain. Our purpose is to compose diversified exotic concepts, to inspire infinite creativities, and to enrich content of works.

director resume

Rex Chen
2004 Graduated from CSU, department of Architecture and Interior Design
2006 CYS.ASDO/ Designer
2008 ZUO Studio/ Founder, Chief Designer
2016 THCU M.Arch II
2017 ZUO Studio- HK
2018 ZUO Studio- SHENZHEN